Having spent twenty-four years as a professional human being and slightly less than that as a pianist, Andriana Chobot is bringing her talents to the world. Having picked up the piano at the young age of 4, Andriana started to write songs in her junior year of high school initially classical compositions, gradually evolving into what you hear today. Now, nearly twenty years after her first encounters with her weapon of choice, and having studied Theatre, she says she loves performing whether it's music or dramatic plays onstage.For music, she says her sound is getting more experimental as time passes, but insists that she "couldn't even try" to define it, saying, "What I hear in my dream thought bubble is different than what you hear. And I wouldn't want to burst your bubble." Nonetheless, Andriana cites influences as varied as Regina Spektor, the Beatles, and those rare times when it's raining and the sun is shining at the same time.

As for what else has brought her talents to where they are now, Andriana credits hard work and to those around her. Family, teachers, and friends. "People are lovely," she says. "If it weren't for them, well, it would be a lonely world. And I'd be sitting on the side of the road somewhere begging for change." With a repertoire that includes well over 40 songs, and various theatre roles, Andriana never stops doing what she loves, though she apparently has little say in the matter: "There's this crazy red energizer bunny in me that just keeps going and going. I'm not sure why, but it's beating its drum and I don't really have a choice." Touring locally this musician is based out of Burlington, Vermont. 

Album 'Cascade' out now! Available on iTunes/CDBaby.