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Missed Notes:

If you miss a lesson, catch up notes & worksheet will appear here for you.

If you get a link in your notebook, it'll show up here.

Several Paid Apps used during lessons can be listed temporarily for students upon request/assignment.

Apps to get next level playing:

Functional Ear Trainer// Android iPad

Sight Reading Master// Android iPad

Rhythm Tap// Android iPad

Pocket Pitch//Android iPad

3D Piano// Android iPad

Modacity (Practice Help App)// Android  iPad

Amazing Slower Downer// Android iPad


Mussila Music School// Android iPad

Music Crab// Android iPad

Rhythm Necklace//Android iPad

NoteWorks// Android iPad

Sketch-a-Song// Android iPad

Simon Sings// Android iPad

Note Rush// Android iPad

Blob Chorus// Android iPad

Loopseque// Android iPad

Groove Pizza// Android iPad

Why Play Music?

Readings and Resources

Your Brain on Music

Best Thing Your Parents did for You


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